WORKSHOPS: My next online writing workshop will be ONE GOOD SCENE. I keep these workshops small, and they are intensive. This workshop is open to fiction writers of all levels, from beginners who want to build on a solid foundation to published writers who want to keep honing their craft. The next workshop will begin in May 18, 2018 and continue through June, at which time participants will emerge, blinking, with tools they can use on all subsequent books. These spots fill up pretty quickly, so if you're intereted, let me know sooner rather than later. You can reach me by email at

My latest novel is available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook, by  Viking/Penguin. It's called A DANGEROUS FICTION, and it's a mystery set in the publishing world of NYC. Bestselling author Diana Gabaldon called it "a terrific read! A thriller with a psychological heart of mystery, a double-ended love story, and a fascinating look at the world of high-stakes publishing." And Hallie Ephron wrote, "The backstabbing and cutthroat competition we imagine going on behind the scenes in publishing make it the perfect setting for murder, and Barbara Rogan has done it justice in A Dangerous Fiction. I loved every wickedly delicious page."

A DANGEROUS FICTION is available on Amazon, Indiebound, Barnes and Noble, Apple and all the usual places.

In other news, Simon & Schuster has reissued my last three books in ebook and print. SUSPICION tells the story of a writer who moves into an isolated seaside house that may be haunted--and that's the most benign explanation for the events that occur there. HINDSIGHT is the story of a high school reunion gone disastrously awry. Read it if you've got one coming up...or maybe not. ROWING IN EDEN begins with one of my favorite lines. "Even though she'd asked for it, Sam Pollak could not help feeling guilty the day he killed his wife."

Please visit my blog about the craft and business of writing, called IN COLD INK.  Lots of interesting conversations there. You can also find me on Twitter as @RoganBarbara.

I have a brand-new author page on Facebook, where I’ll be posting all the latest information about publications, courses, blog posts, and extraterrestrial visitations, should any occur. Hope to see you there!