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You’ve written a novel, edited it to the best of your ability, perhaps shared it with a trusted reader or two. But before you send it out to fend for itself in the world, you’d like to be sure it’s in the best possible shape. You’d like a professional evaluation.

Or perhaps you’ve already begun submitting, and all you’ve received for your trouble is a fistful of generic rejection slips. Editors and literary agents don’t have time to explain why they reject, and they generally stop reading the moment they decide the book’s not for them. For beginning writers, it’s a perfect Catch 22. Until you sell a book, you’re unlikely to receive any specific, professional feedback; yet without that feedback, it’s


Beginnings are so important. Literary agents interested in a novel typically ask for the first three chapters, but in reality, the writer has only three or four pages in which to capture their interest and convince them he or she can write. How strong is your opening?

Working with an independent editor or a writing teacher requires a leap of faith, but there is a way for writers to shorten the distance. Submit the opening of your novel or short story, up to 5000 words (approximately 20 pages), and for a nominal fee Barbara will read it and give you her candid, detailed assessment. You can test your opening on a professional and get acquainted with Barbara Rogan: It’s a win/win proposition.

Special offer price of $50.00. Contact Barbara for more details or instantly submit up to 5000 words electronically with payment through Paypal here

difficult to write salable fiction.

That is where Barbara Rogan comes in. She knows the publishing industry from all sides, as an editor, an agent, and the author of eight critically acclaimed novels. She will read your manuscript and write a detailed, constructive report (generally between 10 and 12 single-spaced pages for a complete novel) that addresses both the large and small pictures, including structure, setting, characterization, pacing, dialogue, description and point of view choices. She will also provide a chapter-by-chapter breakdown with specific suggestions and editing guidelines where applicable.

Every manuscript is different. Some need just a little polish to shine, as shine they must to succeed in the tough fiction market. While no editor can promise publication, Barbara’s goal for these advanced writers is maximize their chances by making strong books irresistible. In the case of stories that are not yet ready for the market, her report will pinpoint the story’s strengths and weaknesses and point out specific structural and stylistic areas that need work. In addition to the written evaluation, Barbara will annotate and return the hard copy of the manuscript. Finally, a telephone or email consultation is included in the price of this service, so writers will have the opportunity to clarify comments, share ideas, and pose any further questions they may have.

You have the option of submitting either a full hard-copy manuscript or a partial with a synopsis. Since many stylistic problems manifest early and can be addressed without reading the entire novel, and structural pitfalls often show up in synopses, submitting a partial (typically the first 100 pages) is a good, economical option.

Price: $4.00 USD per page for the first 100 pages, including synopsis if submitted; $3.00 per page thereafter. Pages must be double-spaced with standard 1 ½” margins in 12-point print, and should average 250 words per page. Manuscript shipping costs both ways to be paid by writer.


Why edit your own fiction? Isn’t that the publisher’s job?

Well, yes and no. Publishing houses do employ editors, but actual editing is only a small part of what they do. Neither agents nor editors have time anymore (if they ever did) to polish diamonds in the rough. Writers are expected to learn the craft on their own nickel, and part of the craft of writing is revision. To paraphrase Truman Capote, unedited work isn’t writing, it’s typing.

Barbara Rogan’s Next Level Workshop, Revising Fiction, teaches writers to edit their own fiction, so that they emerge from the course with a greatly improved manuscript. The workshop costs much less then having your manuscript professionally edited while teaching an essential skill.

In some cases, however, the timing is not right for a workshop, or the services of a professional editor are preferred. Writers in this situation may wish to query Barbara Rogan about editing their work. She will undertake to edit only novels that she feels have a reasonable chance of selling to a traditional publisher; otherwise, neither the author’s investment of money nor hers of time can be justified.

Price: $9.50 per page. Pages must be double-spaced with standard 1 ½” margins in 12-point print, and should average 250 words per page. Manuscript shipping costs both ways to be paid by writer.


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